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Grand Education Foundation



"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Education is the great engine of personal development."

- Nelson Mandela

What we do



Education is the key to a bright future and every child should be afforded the opportunity to access a basic education regardless of their background, family circumstances or financial restraints.

South Africa's schooling system is funded through school fees paid by children’s parents or guardians. This is applicable to both private and public schools. Public schools receive very little to no funding from the government and would be unable to exist without the school fee structure.

Children from families where parents are unable to pay school fees cannot attend school.

With your contribution we are able to sponsor children from orphanages or families with financial difficulties, to enable them to attend school and provide the foundation to succeed in life.


How it works:


  • School fees are approximately EUR 1000 annually for primary school and  EUR 1500 per year for secondary school
  • For every EUR 1000 or EUR 1500 donated we can sponsor a child in need
  • Children are identified through direct contact with schools, orphanages and churches in South Africa
  • Each child's circumstances are reviewed annually based on information provided
  • Once identified, the aim is to support them for the number of years required for either primary- or secondary school, unless the situation has changed in such a way that sponsoring is no longer required
  • School fees will be paid directly to the applicable school with proof of receipt provided for record